If you're ready to ditch the dated way of purchasing and developing UK properties, we have the solution.

What We Do

Property Advice & Search

We thoroughly search the market on an ongoing basis until the right property that meets your brief requirements is found

Architectural & Sustainability Advice

We consult on a number of property related matters such as maximising the potential of your property, making your home eco-friendly and transforming your new home into a place that fosters a sense of belonging

Legal Advice & Business Immigration

We offer client focused legal advice and services covering a full range of residential property matters and business immigration

Property Development

From design to installation, our goal is to assure client expectations aren’t just met but exceeded

Why Work with Falcon Investments

To start with, we speak your language and understand your culture and needs.

Expert Advice

Independent search & buy guidance, legal advice and property development services

The Hidden Market

Benefit from our access to premium off-the-market deals through our connections with developers and private sellers

Trust & Reliability

Our trustworthy team that will represent you and negotiate on your behalf throughout the whole process to save your time and money

Remote Viewing

Enjoy live viewings from the comfort of your home before making any travel plans

Meet Our Founder

Hadi Ibrahim
BArch CEng MCIBSE RIBA Affiliate

Hadi is a London-based entrepreneur, Chartered Engineer, guest lecturer on sustainability at University College London and business mentor at the Prince’s Trust. With backgrounds in architecture, sustainable design and real estate, he has over a decade of industry experience in the built environment across the Middle East and the UK.

6 Reasons to Invest in the UK Property Market


Property Market Remains Stable

The UK property market remains stable despite recent challenges such as COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit.

High Rental Yields

The rental market in the UK is on the rise as demand remains high due to undersupply of housing.

The London Factor

According to the Global Cities 30 Index, London is a top European city for property investment.

Positive Price Predictions

There will be shortage of housing in the UK each year for the next decade (Office for National Statistics). Property prices will continue to rise as the demand for housing will carry on increasing.

Value Through Foreign Exchange

The drop of the Pound against the Dollar provides opportunities for overseas investors to find value in foreign exchange.

Low Interest Rates

First-time and portfolio investors can benefit from the current low interest in the UK to seek new investments or remortgage existing properties to release equity.

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