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Written by Takumi Yamazaki

There is a significant trend in the upward demand in 2 cities outside of London: Manchester and Liverpool with the unique perks that they offer for investors. However, the pulling power of London overshadows the list of top invested areas in the UK with the returns they boast. London is renowned as a financial world centre featuring a wealth of benefits such as having a beautifully regulated climate for borrowing even after the uncertainties of Brexit, buyers can predict having strong levels of leverage too from low interest rates which means capital appreciation is robust and rental yields persist at a steady and consistent level.


London is a global market with investing and in recent times we have seen a high volume from Asia and the Middle East as well as other regions. There is no overexposure to the riches of any other certain area, which hedges against the possibility of any risk. What London provides is a level playing field for UK nationals and overseas investors, meaning there are no complications when it comes to restrictions or boundaries, all benefitting from the same purchasing method. With Falcon Investments’ network overreaching across London but also in regions such as the Middle East and Asia, investors can be reassured with the most dependable insights and knowledge, with the most updated pieces of information to enable the best-informed decision making when buying in the capital.

London dominates the list of the top ten most invested-in areas of the UK (no. of purchases – Pure Property Finance):

  1. City of Westminster – 10,938
  2. Kensington and Chelsea – 5,847
  3. Camden – 2,363
  4. Tower Hamlets – 2,196
  5. Lambeth – 1,780
  6. Manchester – 1,770
  7. Liverpool – 1,516
  8. Hammersmith and Fulham – 1,511
  9. City of London – 1,372
  10. Southwark – 1360

According to HM Land Registry data, the average property prices in July 2020 in these locations were as follows:

  1. City of Westminster – £894,041
  2. Kensington and Chelsea – £1,249,531
  3. Camden – £823,801
  4. Tower Hamlets – £446,865
  5. Lambeth – £527,674
  6. Manchester – £179,537
  7. Liverpool – £139,442
  8. Hammersmith and Fulham – £769,061
  9. City of London – £786,760
  10. Southwark – £507,809

Looking at the data above, it’s estimated that overseas investors own £7.3bn worth of property in Kensington & Chelsea and over a £1bn in the City of London. 

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